Friday, February 7, 2014

10 Valentine's Day Lunchbox Ideas...

Why should the littles miss out on some cute Valentine's Day food just because they are going to be in school? Or the husband for that matter, if you are brave enough to put some lovey dovey goodies in for him to eat in front of his workmates that is. Perhaps just stick to the littles!

Valentine Heart Shaped Cinnamon Rolls with Pink Icing.
Cinnamon Scrolls

lunch pour les enfants à la St-Valentin
Fun lunchbox

10 Valentine’s Day Food and Treats - Apple Heart Cutouts #valentines
Fun with fruit

heart sandwich  - peanut butter with sprinkles
A simple sandwich, and for nut free you could use jam with sprinkles instead of the peanut butter.

Valentine box of chocolates mini lunch bento snack by, via Flickr
This one is just wow!

What a cute Valentine's lunchbox idea! Love letter and heart shaped strawberries make this for me!
The envelope sandwich is so sweet!

Cute idea for Valentine's Day lunchbox - hearts on fruit skewers
Fruit skewers with little love hearts.

"I love you" lunchbox for my girls: ham sandwiches, tomatoes, cucumbers, cantaloupe, strawberries and dark chocolate heart. Happy V-Day! For more lunch ideas you may LIKE, check
Love heart over load

I love you kids school lunch -- Great Back To School Lunch Ideas.
Another great lunchbox idea, complete with a note

Mini Heart Cookies!
Ans how could you go past adding one of these cute mini cookies in with their lunch.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Simply Serve 2014...

Have you heard about Simply Serve 2014? If you haven't you really should. You can click here to find out more. It is such a great idea and the ladies behind it are all pretty darn awesome.

I knew straight away it was something I needed to join in on. January's theme was: Serve Yourself. Talk about starting with a tough one! I'm great at serving others, but like most mama's I'm practically a pro at putting myself last.

At first I was completely stumped for ideas. We were pretty booked up so there was no chance of me taking any time away. I'm still nursing Connor so a night away was out of the question. I had all three littles home with me till the Monday just gone, so not much chance of anything just for me there.

Then I remembered a post I saw on Instagram by Laura from Bits of Splendor. She was starting up an
IG and Facebook group called Women Anchored, it's basically an online bible study group. They were starting with the devotional What Happens When Women Say Yes To God. I'd seen it, thought it sounded great, but didn't know whether to spend the money on the book.

Now this may sound strange to some of you but I don't like to spend money without running it by my husband. Yep, before I spend money on anything I get his opinion and his okay. Well not groceries but you know what I mean. I figure he works hard for the money that supports our household, the least I could do is consult him before I spend any of it. For the record I don't think he's ever said no to anything, but I don't waste money anyway. Plus I'm good at talking myself out of purchases before I get a chances to show him or tell him about it.

It's not that I thought he would say no, but I'm trying really hard to save every spare cent at the moment and just thought I will follow along without the book. Which brings me back to
Serving Myself.

I actually laughed out loud at how perfect the timing was. I knew that the way to serve myself was to buy the book and make a little time everyday where I sit with a hot coffee, a nice candle burning nearby, and dig a little deeper.

It may sound simple, well actually it is. But sometimes the simplest of things can have the biggest impact on us. This devotional, this group, turned out to be exactly what I needed to get back to being centred and feeding my soul. I couldn't be happier with my choice, and it's the gift that keeps on giving because as a group we are only up to day five, so it's going to keep going well through February. What a blessing.

I can't wait to see how everyone else has served themselves and to find out who we will be serving next month.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

January, an Insta Recap...

How in the world is it February already? January just blew me away with how fast it went by. But if it taught me anything it's that you can't do everything well all the time. This month was spent focusing on and nurturing my little family, it was what was needed ahead of the changes that starting school, starting a new grade and growing up brings.

So my gung-ho plans for the new year may have had to take a back seat for January, but now I feel like I can get back into the swing of things. I even have some posts in the works, I know I haven't been nurturing this place like I used too. But I want to back into it that's for sure. And my other goals are going to be getting plenty of attention too. More on that soon.

How was your January?