Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Goodbye June...

Farewell June. What a great month you've been. 

I'm not sure what it is about the month exactly but we always seem to get into a really good groove in June. Maybe it's the fact that the month kicks off winter which I just love, everything is lush and green and crisp. And considering the rest of the year is stinking hot it's always a breath of fresh air to me. Or maybe it is because it's Todd's birthday month and I always have so much fun trying to surprise him. I'm slowly getting better at it, I just get so excited that I want to let him in on it too. He always find it so amusing that I keep trying to give him hints. I mean, our first Christmas together I got so excited I threw his present to him so he would be forced to see it when he caught it! I just couldn't hold out, and don't worry, it wasn't in any way breakable.

We made some fun changes to our family routine this month. Todd and I decided to make the effort to have more outings and adventures. To see more, to do more. Together as a family. It's not all smooth sailing, I mean when is it though when you have a two year old and an almost nine month old. Add in the two older ones who sometimes fight like cats and dogs and sometimes it can seem too hard. But it's always, always worth the effort. 

And Mia and Ryan are loving it which is so good. So far this month we've done Cooly Rocks, a family open day on base, fish and chips at Wynnum (where Todd used to go as a child with his family), gone to see the USS George Washington while it was docked in Brisbane, followed by dinner out (on a Sunday night!) at Southbank and spent the day at Wivenhoe Dam / Lake Wivenhoe. It's been a whole lot of outdoor quality family time and stepping out of my sometimes rigid routine which has been really freeing. And we have more fun things planned for July, which is so much fun to be looking forward to. 

One of the best things to come out of June, was something Todd suggested. A couple of weeks ago we had a couple of hours to kill while Ryan was at a birthday party, so we headed to Bunnings and ended up coming home with a fire pit. We used to have a really little one before kids and we really enjoyed toasting marshmallows and having a glass of wine / beer next to it at night. We spent the rest of the day getting it all set up, rearranging the patio, prepped the food, took a TV outside to put on a movie for the kids while the food was cooking and grabbed a heap of cushions and blankets. The afternoon and night was so much fun and so very relaxing. Todd noticed that we had barely touched our phones, except to take some photos. This was actually pretty huge because he plays a heap of games, chats with friends, in short could tend to be distracted by his phone a whole lot. Well he commented on how much he enjoyed it and liked that the kids weren't asking to play on iPads either. He decided we would make Saturday's tech free. Our phones would have the sound on but unless we needed to answer / make a phone call, or there was a message we really needed to reply to, they wouldn't be touched. And it has been so good! It's so easy to fall into the trap of just flicking around on your phone when you are bored or just because it's nearby. It's all about getting the balance back, I've even noticed that it's made us reevaluate how much we are online the rest of the week. And that's a wonderful thing.



June hasn't been all smooth sailing, sickness has done the rounds and this dang cough just won't seem to fully leave. Both the little guys are teething, which makes Connor miserable but Liam is still always smiling! Connor has transitioned to a toddler bed because he was climbing out of his cot all the time and we didn't want to risk him falling. He's decided to wander the house at night now that he's in a toddler bed, and then to start his day between 4.30 and 5am. He's loving it! Me not so much, I'm exhausted. Lucky he's so cute. 

Have you had a great month? Share your favourite moment or leave a link if you've done a June round up, I'd love to read it.

June has been a blast, bring it on July!

Em xo

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Liam Todd...

When I signed back into blogger for the first time the other day and read the last post that I had written, I couldn't help but laugh. I was 24 weeks pregnant with my sweet baby number four and full of promises of bump photos and pregnancy updates. And I didn't share a single one! Or even newborn photos. 

Heck my little guy is now 8 months old!

I'm glad I can laugh at myself, or I might be a little embarrassed for promising and not delivering. Again, it would seem.

But better late than never right?

My pregnancy with Liam was harder on my body than any of my other pregnancies, but I loved every moment. Pregnancy is such a confidence builder for me, I'm proud of my body for all the hard work that it's doing. Post pregnancy is another story, for another day. Let's just say my body after four babies is very different. I'm in no way embarrassed by it, but it's changed. And to quote Ross from Friends, nobody likes change.

I had gestational diabetes again with Liam, and that combined with the super speedy arrival of Connor, my really fast heart rate and looking pale (ha, I found that one funny!) they decided they would induce me a few days before my due date. A total first for me, my other three were all past my due date. 

Luckily for me my body was already doing what it needed to do and when I headed to the hospital all it took was my waters being broken for things to kick into gear. It was intense. I opt for a drug free labour and delivery, simply due to my fear of feeling out of touch with my body. Heck a few puffs of gas make me black out, I cannot even imagine what the hard stuff would do to me! 

It felt like it was going on forever, but it was only two hours before I was fully dilated. And once I was fully dilated, he wasn't waiting around. My awesome midwife Emma kept saying don't push yet, give yourself a moment to rest. No chance, my body took over and I couldn't stop it even if I tried. I didn't have to push even once, my body did it on its own and he came out in a hurry. Not something I recommend, babies coming out fast do a decent amount of damage. But gosh he was worth it. 

Born 2nd October, 2014 at lunchtime with his Daddies name as his middle name. A sweet, tiny little guy at 8lbs. That's 10oz smaller than the littlest of the rest of my bunch. It was instant love.

He is still a small bundle of happiness. Always smiling, giggling and on the go. I had high hopes of him being a lazy little guy who was happy just being a baby and taking everything in. But nope he has wanted to join in on the fun, he was crawling before 5 months and at 8 months is cruising like a crazy person! So much for staying my little baby as long as possible, although with a smile as sweet as his I can forgive anything. This boy has me wrapped around his tiny finger.

What a blessing to have him as our sweet fourth baby, and our last.

Friday, May 29, 2015

What A Difference A Year Makes...

Hi, it's me, Em. E-m. Hmmm who is this person?

Did any of you out there even remember that I had a blog?

I don't think I did. For a year. A year.

Not even did I think I would stay away for as long as I have, but I enjoyed every moment of not blogging. Sometimes life is just so much sweeter when you are just in the moment and not trying to capture all the moments. 

I've made no secret of the fact that in the past I've struggled with feeling like I had to post content rather than wanting to post. Feeling like my post weren't clever / creative / funny / well written / perfectly photographed enough to compete with all the other blogs. Which is crazy, because we all have a place and our audience. 5, 500 or 500 readers, numbers mean nothing. Connecting with even one person is what makes it worthwhile.

So for now I'm dipping my toes back in. Testing the waters as it were. Because I want to get back to a place where blogging is a pleasure and connecting is treasured. 

And since a year is one heck of a long time, we've got a lot to catch up on.

While I haven't been blogging, I haven't even been involved in the blogging community. Something I really used to cherish.

So tell me, what's happened in your world. 

Got an awesome post of yours or someone else's, share it in the comments. 

I'm standing on the high dive, just waiting for the courage to jump.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Just Like That It's June...

It's crazy hard to believe that the last time I even logged on to this blog of mine was over 4 months ago. Four long months. And boy have things changed in my life.

Before I attempt to jump back in to this blogging world, I guess I had better catch you up!

Well the big news is that we are now well on our way to being a family of 6. How crazy is that. The funny thing is, we always wanted 3 kids. And I thought there would be no way in the world that I would ever want more than 3. Then Connor was born. I don't even think it was a month later before I was telling, pleading, begging Todd to consider the possibility of having another. 

I wanted Connor to have a little sibling closer to his age, like how Mia and Ryan have each other. But more than that I just had an overwhelming feeling of not being done, heck even Todd said that if all babies were like Connor he'd want 100! So the discussion began and we semi decided to think about trying around May of this year. After all I was planning on breastfeeding Connor for as long as it he was happy and wasn't having a cycle yet. Turns out I didn't need one, God has plans for this new little baby to join our family sooner rather than later.

Connor turned 1 on the 3rd of March and we used his birthday to share our news with our families.

So now here we are, in the middle of June, and I am currently 24 weeks along. This new little bundle, another boy, is due early October. And we are beyond excited.

A little anxious, and the planner in me has gone into overdrive, but we are so very happy.

Physically, this pregnancy has been a lot more draining and stressful on my body than any of my other pregnancies. But that is what happens when it's your fourth pregnancy and it's less than a year after your third. But all in all I'm doing well. Now that the dreaded morning sickness has left. Honestly i have never thrown up so much in my life! Nor in my other pregnancies combined.

I'm still waiting for my bursts of energy to kick in, I have tonnes of ideas and plans. But by the time I get the big two off to school, house work done and Connor taken care of all I feel like doing is going back to bed. Or I just tend to fall asleep right where I am sitting at the time, sometimes mid conversation. Life of the party I am not right now.

I can hear my little monkey is wake in his cot so I had better sign off and go get him.

Here's hoping I can stay away long enough during nap time a few days a week to keep you all updated, because I sure do miss the community of this place.

And the next post will have some more photo's for sure. And  maybe a bump update!

Take care all.