Monday, February 21, 2011

It was another hot weekend here, so it made for a rather lazy weekend. My inlaws came up for a night and spent some time with the kids and I. Its always a nice distraction having some other people in the house. Although when they do leave I always seem to miss my hubby even more...

The weekend wasnt as productive as I had hoped, I just couldnt seem to find my motivation, must have lost it in the heat somewhere! I managed to find a few new projects to add to my ever expanding folder of things I want to make/create. Looks like I will be making another trip to spotlight or lincraft later this week. Yay!

I added a few more hexies to the collection and continued stitching some together, really happy with the progress although I did have to have a break from it last night, my hands were getting sore! Back onto it tonight though.

I did manage to catch up with a friend for brunch, yummy sweetcorn fritters topped with crispy bacon, tomato, avocado, sour cream and sweet chilli sauce. Yummo! I also made a batch of chocolate brownies, so so good. Definately a big hit with the kids.

Finished the day off with a roast , so it was definately a nice relaxing weekend. Lovely.

Oh and I also booked Mia in for ballet classes, she cant wait to start! And I can't wait to take some pictures of my little ballerina girl!

As for today I am spending it at home with my boy, waiting (im)patiently for the airconditioner service man to arrive. At least it is a good excuse to browse some blogs, maybe scrap a little and definately snuggle up with my boy. Well first things first, I need another coffee and I think Ry would like some brownie for morning tea!

Em xo

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