Friday, February 18, 2011

Thankfully time flies...

Wow this last week has flown! Thank goodness too, I need these weeks to hurry up and pass so that the next time I see my hubby is here already... I have been making sure I pack my days (and evenings) with as much as I can so that I dont have time to just sit and think. Because when I sit and think that it all just gets too much... Blah enough of that!

So here is a quick fly by of what has been made in my house in the last week
I decorated some jars for my tea, coffee and sugar. I think they look super cute now!

I started on some hexies which I am stitching together to make a lap quilt for the couch. Although Mia has told me she wants it for herself and that her babies want a matching one! Plus I had my first hot cross bun of the year, not a traditional one by a long shot, I went with mocha yummo!

More hexie progress, I have made about 60 so far but I got really impatient and had to stitch some together!! I am doing the wednesday hex-along on my fave blog, I couldnt resist! I like that they are so easy to do, I can sit down with a cuppa and whip up quite a few in no time. Plus they are just so darn cute...

I made some new cushion covers for some old cushions I had on the couches. I love them! I used a simple envelope style, the first one took a little while. Mainly because i was unsure of what I was doing, but once I got the first one out of the way the rest were quick and easy! Well and truly under ten minutes each, I whippped up nine. Here is the link to the cushion cover tutorial I used, super easy give it a try!

I found some really cute paper crafts that you just print out and assemble, they are super cute. Mia and I did them before bed one night. She wants a whole collection of the little houses! Here is the link for the valentine angel, she is just adorable, and for the little paper houses.

And lastly a quick scrap page for my little man. Couldnt resist...

Plus all that there has been the usual appointments, running around, kids birthday parties, chores but none of that is anywhere near as exciting as the cute stuff above!! Well maybe the birthday party was...

I hope your week has been fabulous!

Em xo

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