Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Tuesday crafting...

Better late than never with my crafting! I finally finished off the girl eggies, I had been avoiding making the bows for them. Crazy really since they took all of five minutes! I'm really happy with them...

And I am really happy with how they look on the eggies themselves. I love the eggies, I think they are super cute. So does Mia, so win bigtime!!

This is Mia's eggie. She wanted hers to be different, so we have different fabric and she insisted on button eyes and a button nose. She even helped sew them on, which was a little frustruating as it involved me being stabbed several times over with the sewing needle. They aren't sewn on perfectly but she helped and shes super proud!

I also started on some felt food for Mia. I'm stashing them away for now until I have a nice big selection to give to her. It's really addictive I must say. I just kinda used my imagination with these ones, but have found a heap of tutorials for all sorts of food. I cannot wait to make more!! Cupcakes and cookies are going to be next on my list. But for now we have lettuce, tomato wedges and strawberries.

Super close up but you get the idea!

So there you have it, my tuesday crafting.

Em xo

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Hearthandmade said...

i love your wee strawberries!