Monday, March 21, 2011

Mad Monday...

Mondays are always just that little bit hectic...

After the school drop off this morning, I headed for spotlight (after a stop for petrol $1.48 per litre, craziness, just sayin!) to top up a few things I need for some upcoming projects. Gosh I love spotlight, could spend hours there. But alas it was just a quick 30 min trip. With an extra 10 mins added at the end thanks to the hunt for Thomas the tank engine, who Ryan had put to bed under a pile of fabric.

With Thomas found we headed to groceries, gah not as much fun as spotlight thats for sure. The one thing I really wanted to make sure not to forget, crayons! And lo and behold I forgot the crayons. Looks like I'll be heading out tomorrow for them!

Besides all that there was a 1 1/2 hour struggle over a nap, the boy won... Luckily I got chocolate at grocery shopping!

Fingers crossed after the school pick up, ballet class, home work, dinner, showers then bed etc I can sit myself down and get into some more projects... A girl can dream right!!

Em xo

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