Friday, April 15, 2011

Easter School Holiday Crafting...

Now that school holidays have officially started and my Mia is finally on the mend, we had a chance to do some crafting. The theme of course was Easter! Mia wanted to make a sign for our front door to go with the egg carton wreath.

For some reason the photo of the sign on the front door won't load, I'll try and fix it tomorrow.

The also wanted to make little signs to go in each of their rooms. Very cute. And of course we needed a 'B' on each for our surname. I love the ideas of children...

This one is Ryan's

 And this one is Mia's... We also had to make something to string up to make the inside of the house look 'Eastery' according to Mia. So I hand cut many, many Easter egg shaped pieces of cardstock which I hot glued to lengths of ribbon. It is really quite pretty and I am looking forward to stringing it all up!

How pretty does it all look piled up like this!

So looking forward to more school holiday crafting days...

Em xo

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