Monday, April 4, 2011

Egg Carton Wreath, My Way...

As mentioned in my previous post, Mia and I set about making our own egg carton wreath yesterday.

As always, I failed to follow the instructions and mixed it up a little. For starters we used a cardboard egg carton and cut it differently. We also used scrapbooking paper and mod podge to cover the cardboard wreath shape. We used single chubby buttons for the centre of the flowers and we added ribbon for hanging.

I'm really happy with the result, and it is now hanging on our front door.

The only thing is that we have a double front door so now I'm going to have to make something to hang on the other side. I don't want another wreath. Maybe a cute sign in coordinating colours. Will put my thinking cap on.

Em xo

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