Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Pay It Forward, An Update...

Two weeks ago I posted the Pay It Forward idea. I thought it was fabulous! But as we have now reached the halfway point for getting on board, I have looked at it again. While I love the idea of it, I totally understand it may be too overwhelming an idea for people to have to create something (5 somethings actually!) handmade...

So, since the idea that appealed most to me was the idea of giving, I am continuing along with an altered version of Pay It Forward.
I will handmake something totally a-maz-ing for 5 people that post a comment!!

Soo here are my only rules:

* you must follow my blog  And Nothing Else Matters...
*you must like my facebook page
* post this on your blog or facebook page and link it back

Leave a comment on this post for each that you do, make sure you do each one individually as each one you do gives you a better chance of winning! Yay!
For extra entries suggest my blog and facebook page to your friends and have them tell me you sent them!

Em xo

I will draw the
five Handmade Receivers
on 30th April so get your comments in now!!

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