Thursday, July 28, 2011

Ahh to be sewing again...

Now that most of our boxes are unpacked and all the rooms are how I want them to be (well for the moment anyway!) I have finally had a chance to get out the sewing machine again...

It was lovely and so relaxing... Its been far too long. I needed to make Mia a new library bag as it seems we left her old one behind when we changed schools. I ended up sending her along with an envirobag to the library! Not that she minded in the least, my sweet girl. So I sat down today and made her one. It was quick and easy. And it is really cute!

The sweetest little birdie fabric!

A simple fabric strap. Probably should have ironed it, but hey I didn't.

The finished product, with a borrowed book inside ready to be returned...

Oh and I also whipped up a quick fabric keyring for myself as I haven't seemed to unpack any as yet. Simple, and easy to change at any time! Love.

Em xo

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