Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Big Move...

Things have been busy, busy, busy since my last post. The kids and I packed up our lives on the Gold Coast, QLD and moved to Wagga Wagga, NSW so we could live as a family again with my gorgeous husband.

It was a big move. It was a little scary but overwhelmingly exciting. Our beloved house became an investment property, we farewelled kindy/school/work and left all of our friends and family behind. We left the sun, the ocean and our favourite places, for an inland town, far far away from the beach and currently very cold. The two places couldn't be more different!

And you know what, I couldn't be happier. Neither could the kids. We are all together again after a very, very long 10 months (ha! what an understatement!) of living in different states. It was tougher, much tougher than anticipated on all of us. And now it just feels as though a massive weight has been lifted. The fog has cleared.

I am happy.

We are happy.

Life is so so good right now.

Em xo

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KERRY said...

I hope you guys are feeling very settled and at home down there! I know it's a big transition but you sound very positive :)
I've visited WW, it was nice. Happy October to you!!