Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Creating My Crafting Space...

I spent much of my weekend trying to sort out a workable solution for storage and ease of access to all my crafting and sewing goodies. I am trying to turn the closet in the study/guest room into a workable, inspiring functional craft area. Talk about a big ask. I spent Friday pulling things out and dumping them on to the spare bed, only to sit there staring blankly thinking this isn't going to work.

But hey it's worth a shot. I am starting with the shelved section on the right hand side. Shelves awesome, but I needed something to neatly hold all the little bits and pieces. I spotted the hubby's old Lego storage drawers. Perfect, four sliding tray drawers, complete with dividers only it looked like this...

Not so pretty. 

So I decided to paint it. Now spray paint would have been better for this project but I just used regular paint that I had on hand. They could do with another coat, but again I was impatient and it was taking FOREVER in this cold damp weather to dry.

Ta Da! I think its adorable. I used two different pink/coral shades and two different teal shades. 

 Inside the divider drawers. I lined the bottom of each drawer with felt to protect the paint.

So cheap, I already had everything for this project in the house. Perfect!

Now if only the rest of the process was going to be that easy.

Do YOU have any craft/sewing storage ideas for small spaces? Send them my way, I could use all the help and inspiration I can get!

Em xo

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