Sunday, August 7, 2011

I heart weekends...

I heart weekends.

Not too long ago I didn't get at all excited at the thought of the weekend approaching. It just felt like more of the same. Same routine, me and the kids, breakfast, lunch, dinner, cleaning, play, naps you know all the usual stuff. I couldn't get myself excited about it. Even if we had plans or did awesome fun things, it all felt a bit flat.

To me weekends are family time. And we weren't getting to spend them as a family. We were missing one crucial element. The dad. The hubby. And it sucked. Big time.

You see, during the week there was errands, school, work, kindy, chores and the fact that even though the hubby was away (and we missed him beyond comprehension) he was busy at work, studying, he had chores. He was busy. And I knew that even if we were together he would still be at work all day and busy studying. We never had week days as family time so I didn't cut quite so deeply. Then slowly the painful reminder of the weekend would come...

Weekends were the hardest parts of the whole long distance thing by far. I knew he wasn't at work, I wasn't at work, Mia wasn't at school and there was no kindy for Ryan. We were all free to enjoy our time. Yet we weren't able to enjoy it how we wanted to. It was hard and yet another painful reminder of what we were missing out on. It was a long 10 months. Out of that 10 months we spent 5 weeks together. The longest of which was 3 1/2 weeks over Christmas. 260 days apart and 35 days together. Not that I was counting. Much.

That part is over, we are all together as a family. And I love it. We love it!

And now I again heart weekends! I look forward to them all week and know that no matter what we do we will be having family time together. And that is most definitely something to be cherished. To be appreciated. It is such a blessing.

Never again will I take a weekend spent lazing around the house for granted. I am blessed and I am thankful.

Em xo

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