Friday, August 12, 2011

My Favorite Children's Activities for Next to Nothing...

I believe some of the best things in life are free (or darn close to it!). That goes for fun with kids as well. Some of my favorite things to do with the babies are cheap as chips and usually bring with them the biggest smiles and the most fun. That makes them big winners in my book!

Blowing bubbles keeps my kids entertained for hours on end. Simply fill any old container with bubble mix. Or mix some up yourself using washing up liquid and water or bubblebath and water - do test it first to make sure you have the right mix or there will be sad little faces and no bubbles. You can grab cheap bubble utensils from any discount store or you can use plastic utensils from the kitchen. Slotted egg flippers work well, as do some potato mashers, cookie cutters and egg seperators. Try a few things you have around the house, you will be surprised at what makes great bubbles.

Potato Stamping is an oldie but a goodie. So easy, simply cut out a few shapes on nice thick slices or halves of potatoes, give the kids big sheets of butchers paper and some washable paint and let them go crazy. My 3 year old loves this!

Balloon Play, seriously my kids love this, fill a room with balloons and they are happy for so long! They throw them, kick them, pop them, whatever. But they have a blast. They love it when I fill our fully enclosed trampoline with them too. Every time they jump the balloons fly everywhere. And they love being able to bellyflop onto the balloons to pop them too. So funny to watch them at it.

Tea Parties are something that both my kids enjoy. So simple yet so enjoyable. I make fairy bread, sometimes cut into cute shapes with cookie cutters, make a little platter of fresh fruit and put a pot of 'tea' and tea cups out. Sometimes we do it at the table, but the favorite by far is spread out on a picnic mat in the yard, in the sunshine. Lovely!

Indoor picnics make even a simple sandwich lunch exciting. A large blanket, lots of comfy cushions, a few soft toy friends and plenty of time to enjoy it.

Totally blurry but too too cute!
And I love to take silly photos of the kids. It totally cracks them up seeing themselves pulling all kind of crazy face and poses. Plus I get to keep the photos forever! 

I'd love to hear about your favorite cheap and cheerful kids activities? 

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