Saturday, August 20, 2011

My Favorites, All About Me...

So this week I thought I would give you all a chance to get to know me better. And what better way than by letting you know some my favorite things. So here we go!

Chocolate (well of course, can't live with out the stuff) and any food that combines chocolate and peanut butter, well you can come and live in my house. How I wish peanut butter m&m's were sold everywhere here and at regular prices. I mean I love them but almost $50 for a 1kg bag is insanity!
Photo of Peanut Butter M&M'S® candies
Pancakes with banana, bacon, ice cream and maple syrup. Drooling already.
Mexican, especially chorizo and chicken enchiladas with baked rice and whipped beans and topped with sour cream. Oh my yum! 
Sushi, gosh how I miss good sushi. Not much around here in Wagga.
Caesar salad, no anchovies and extra dressing thanks.

And cheeseburgers, any kind really but mini cheeseburgers are the bomb! 

Coke or half fanta half sprite with lots of ice (its too fizzy otherwise), I used to always drink mountain dew mixed with raspberry cordial. I used to drink tonnes of it. And any kind of coffee, hook me straight up. 

I love me some Cosmopolitan. I always have, well except for a brief period of time where I rebelled against a new editor when my fave left!. I remember getting grounded as a young teenager for buying a copy of Cosmo that had a sealed section with pictures of Brad Pitt naked. At the time I remember thinking it was so worth it. My mum was not impressed. My all time fave editor was Mia Freedman, and it may or may not be the reason why I named my daughter Mia. Okay it totally was. I remember excitedly grabbing a copy of US Cosmo while on my honeymoon so I could compare it to the Australian version. I even make sure to walk past their offices in Park Street whenever I am in Sydney. I always wanted to be a writer and work at Cosmo. While I always read other magazines, no other mag has my undivided loyalty. 

Pink and teal or turquoise or aqua or cornflower blue. I am really loving the various pink and blue combos right now.

Coolangatta, Honolulu or Sydney. All places I have great memories from and that make me feel happy just thinking about them.

The song Jar of Hearts by Christina Perri, she has an amazing voice and is absolutely stunning.

I love SATC and always will, and Friends, my all time fave! I love starting to laugh in advance because I know a funny part is coming up. Oh and How I Met Your Mother. Hilarious.

My favorite day is Saturday by far, its the first day of the weekend and you know there is still one more day to go. Can't beat that!

Bags, I love bags. I covet bags. All different colours and brands, I love them all. I have so many but I rarely use them all. I have a suitcase filled to bursting with them and I cannot bare to get rid of any of them even if I haven't used them in years.

What are your favorites? Any other favorites you want to know about, ask me!

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Lacee said...

After reading this I think we may have been separated at birth! I'm obsessed with the chocolate peanut butter combo {I have a recipe that I'm sharing next with that you'll want to keep an eye out for that combines these two things!} I LOVE sushi, must have lots of ice in my drink, caesar salad YES, cheeseburgers YES, color combos YES!!! I think I pretty much have a crush on you now haha! Thanks for sharing this, you are just darling :)

Rachel said...

I cannot believe it costs that much for those incredible {and worth it} faves of choco and peanut butter. Ouch.

I'm laughing and enjoying your list of faves. Your cosmo section made me grin. :)

Thanks so much for linking up and for sharing just a bit of you. Great list!