Monday, August 15, 2011

My My, What A Morning...

Today was definitely one of those days. You know the ones.

I should have known it wasn't going to go well when I crawled back under the covers instead of having a morning coffee with the hubby before he went to work. I woke about half an hour later to hear my little Ryan rummaging through the fridge. You would think that would have gotten me out of bed. Nope I rolled right over. Next I hear the rummaging in the cutlery drawer. Ryan, what are you doing? I'm hungry mummy, he replied. Finally I forced myself out of bed. 

I stood dazed at the stove while I cooked some porridge and made a coffee. I forgot to put the sugar in the coffee and spilt porridge on the bench. I realised Mia's school shirt was still wet, couldn't find Ryan's second shoe. I got dressed, made Mia's lunch, put it in her bag and got the kids to do their teeth. Mia and I went into the garage to put my handbag and the stroller in the car. Ryan followed and pulled the door to the house shut. I told Ryan to hop in his seat and then went to go back inside. The door was locked, and the house keys were hanging happily on my keyrack inside the house. 
Yup, there's the keys.

Ryan had pressed in the button to lock the door before pulling it shut. I remembered I had a spare house key in the car. Bangs head the hubby and I swapped cars today so the spare house key was with him, at work, on base. Then the tears began, I turn around to see Mia crying her eyes out standing in the middle of the garage. My school bag, she sobs. I realise her school bag was packed and ready to go inside the house. By now the tension is beginning to rise. Who am I kidding it was boiling over. Luckily Mia had hold of my car keys, otherwise it was going to be a very long, cold walk to her school. 

Okay, I'll just give Mia some money she can have tuck shop for morning tea and pizza (they 6th graders make pizza drive every monday to raise money for the school) for lunch. Sorted. Ryan and I will just head into town, go to the post office and post the letters and then run the errands then come home and play in the back yard till its time to get Mia from school. The hubby will be home not long after from work. Then I have a realisation. 

Everything is still on the bench inside. We just put padlocks on both the gates and the keys to those padlocks are inside the house. Oh and its gym day today and the hubby is driving the carpool so his home time is closer to 6pm. Dang. Then I realised that I had forgotten to wash my face, let alone put makeup on and my hair was still how I had scraped it up when I crawled out of bed this morning. Brilliant.

I admit, there were curse words, there were slamming of car doors. There were more tears, Mia's and mine. Ryan just looked on with wide eyes. We drove to school, by now we were late, assembly was just finishing so we waited outside her classroom. When the teacher got there I explained (so embarrassed) why she didn't have her bag, school books, hat, water bottle or lunch. But she has money to buy something from the tuck-shop to eat and drink for morning tea and to get the pizza for lunch, I assured her. Turns out the tuck-shop is closed on monday's. Insert more tears from Mia. I at least held mine back until I got in the car again. Luckily they have a program at Mia's school where they provide sandwiches for the less fortunate families that attend and the teacher assured me they could spare one for Mia for morning tea. Talk about guilt, taking food from the kids who really needed it. All because we were locked out of the house. My fault ultimately, I should have had the keys.

Being that the hubby is training I had to wait until his lunch break to meet him at the base to grab his keys to get us back into the house. So Ryan and I went into town to grab a coffee and babycino. I ordered and we were waiting at our table, when Ryan starts crying that he is busting to go potty. I tell the barista that I will be back in a couple of minutes and make the mad dash all the way to the other end of the shopping centre for the toilet. Ryan saying loudly I need to wee mummy all the way there.

We get back to the coffee shop, my coffee is now sitting half cold on the counter. Sigh. At least Ryan's babycino was still the right temperature.

There was nothing left to do but indulge in some retail therapy to pass the next 2 hours until we could get the keys and finally get home to try and get the things done that we needed to.

I had to make some cupcakes (tinted pink of course!) to put the smile back on my sweet girls face. Bless her precious self. She was so appreciative and told me I was sweet. How I love that girl.

Packet mix all the way today. It was not the day for baking from scratch!

My day finally improved when the post came very late in the afternoon. My goodies from Little Miss Momma   came! Yay! Talk about just what I needed.

Here's to tomorrow being a new day. Surely it has to be better than today! Plus I now have house keys in the car, and I have new pretties to wear. Its looking better already...

Em xo

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