Monday, August 22, 2011

Sunny Days...

Enjoying beautiful sunny days with (slightly) warmer weather almost makes me forget that it is winter here right now. It was just gorgeous over the weekend, I even broke out a skirt for the occasion. 

Sometimes I can get so focused on my list and everything that I 'want' to get done. Between the crafting, sewing, chores, cooking, and general day to day running around, I can quite often find myself saying 'no' or 'we'll see' or 'maybe later' to the kids. It's not fun when I hear myself saying it and I'm sure its not fun for my kids either.

I don't want to look back when my babies are grown and wish that I had just taken a step back and enjoyed spending time more, rather than always trying to get things done. And I don't want them to remember me as the mum whose always says no.  I mean, I know its not always practical or responsible to say yes to everything (mum can I go play in traffic? sure go right ahead) but I want to do it more. 

Mum can I draw on the concrete in chalk? Go for it.
Mum can we eat outside? Sure, we may just need a coat and scarf first.
Mum come skip with me? It's not gonna be pretty but I'll give it a go.
Mum can I paint your nails? Why not (always make sure to have plenty of remover handy).
Mum can we have pancakes? Heck yes!
Mum can we make stuff? Lets do it.
Mum can we have fairy bread for lunch? Sounds like fun.
Mum can we have some fruit slices with yogurt mixed with chocolate sauce and covered in sprinkles for dipping? Absolutely!

So I started this weekend.We spent most of our time outdoors. Playing soccer, bike riding, skipping, hopscotch (that was drawn onto the patio), drawing pictures, jumping on the trampoline, making fun food and eating. We were outside as soon as we were dressed in the morning. It was lovely and so relaxing. The kids were worn out and I was worn out by the end of the weekend. But it was the good, happy and content kind of worn out.

Sure I didn't even make it even a quarter of the way down my to do list and the house needs a good vacuum from all the running in and out, but it just doesn't matter.

Em xo


Lacy said...

Hi! I just found you on Miss Mommy:)

I can totally relate to wanting to get things done. I was thinking the same thing you are about not having any regrets about spending time with my kids. They won't remember if my house is clean or laundry is done (unless they're naked). I just need to worry about making memories:)

Em @ And Nothing Else Matters said...

Thanks Lacy. That comment is perfect, we just need to worry about making memories. I think I need to put that on my fridge. Thank you :)