Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Top 10 Moments in My Life...

I love reminiscing about times in my life. Happy moments, sad moments, life changing moments. They have all helped shape me into the person that I am today. And I like this person. I like me life. It may not always be easy but it is mine.

So while I am reminiscing over a nice hot cup of coffee, here are the top 10 moments in my life. In no particular order.

Graduating high school. Taking  everything into account, I was proud of myself that I fought through my fears and carried on. I would have always regretted not finishing. 

Finding out I was pregnant with Mia. Talk about a surprise to the max. We had been talking about getting engaged for a while, we had even been ring shopping. I was expecting the next big moment in my life to be announcing my engagement not getting pregnant. To say it was a shock would be an understatement. Not everyone was happy about it. I was a little scared to tell the hubby (well then he was the boyfriend, feels weird even writing that), I showed him the test and said I'm pregnant. His response. Can I paint the babies room? I love that man. We were always going to keep her, I don't believe there was any other option. But I was sad. I wanted to be married first, I wanted to experience being a wife before experiencing being a mum. But once the shock wore off, I was thrilled. I can still remember going for my first scan and seeing my precious baby girl growing inside me. Such an amazing moment.

Our Engagement. We had been talking about it for a while and had done the ring shopping. I picked out an engagement ring and wedding band that I loved! But we didn't buy them. I didn't know the hubby had gone back and purchased my rings. Shortly after, we found out we were pregnant. He didn't want people to think we were only getting engaged because I was pregnant (by this time we had been together 5 1/2 years mind you!) so he didn't act. He waited and he planned it out so it would be perfect. We went to dinner, went to sit at Point Danger and talked. Then he got down on one knee, I was over the moon. Then he said lets go home, but instead he drove to a gorgeous apartment over looking the beach. He had decorated the room with flowers and candles. Packed my favorite clothes, and stocked the fridge with goodies. He even went out to get me icecream. He even packed our blender so he could make me mocktales (he named them Berry Emmy's) and all the fixings for breakfast the next morning. It was magical.

Our Wedding. Becoming husband and wife, committing to the holiest of unions. An amazing moment, an amazing day. A feeling like no other.

Finding out I was pregnant with Ryan. It was such a different experience from when were pregnant with Mia. We started trying as soon as we were married. It is so exciting when you are trying and you finally see that positive result on the pregnancy test. And knowing that Mia was going to become a big sister. Wonderful!

Building our first house. We made it exactly how we wanted it. Watching the progress was so exciting. I loved that house, but we have moved on to new things. Thankfully we were able to keep it as a rental.

The hubby's march out from recruit training. Seeing him achieve his long awaited dream was such a proud moment for me. Plus getting to see him again after a long 10 weeks was pretty darn amazing too.

Moving to Wagga. It may not be the most awesome place in the world, but the fact that we are all living together again means the world to me. Plus we are getting to experience so many different things. We get to go on lots of days trips to places we wouldn't get to if we were still living on the Gold Coast. Plus its giving me a taste of things to come, we have plenty more moves to come while the hubby is in the Air Force.

Restarting my studies. It's about proving to myself and to my children that being a mum doesn't have to stop you from reaching your goals, whatever they may be.

Creating my blog. On my own. I have never been super great with computers, always having to get the hubby to help me with changing settings on facebook or finding the website I was on the other day that now seems to be 'lost'. But I created and designed my blog, blog button, etsy page all on my own. I was determined to do it and the hubby was away at recruits, so I did a search for tutorials online and went to it. It may not be perfect but I am darn proud that I did it on my own. Huge for me.

What are the top 10 moments in your life?

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Nicole@MissMommy said...

Great post Em. It's nice to look back and reflect on life's greatest moments. Thanks for linking up :)

ICStarzz said...

good for you! This blog looks great! This post is awesome! Congrats on all these wonderful moments!


Texas Tanners said...

Super sweet!! Hubby in the Air Force huh? My husband and I have been spending the better part of a year trying to get him into the Air Force nurse core. So happy to have found your super cute blog. I am your newest follower!

Salena Lee @ A Little Piece of Me said...

This is great! Such great memories. :)

Em @ And Nothing Else Matters said...

Thanks for all the lovely comments ladies. You are all so wonderful xo