Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Guest Post: Mom 2 Memphis And Ruby...

I have a fantastic guest here today, the lovely Lena from Mom2MemphisAnd Ruby! Her blog is awesome, if you haven't seen it yet, head there right now. Okay well read this post first then head there. Your welcome.

Take it away Lena.

Hi everyone! 

My name is Lena and I blog over at Mom2MemphisAndRuby... Pretty clever blog name, right?
I am thrilled to be the mom of 2 crazy kids that keep me very busy, but always very entertained!
My son, Memphis, will be 6 in October and Ruby will be turning 4 at the beginning of December... aren't they cute!?

Big thanks to Em for inviting me over to her cozy little nook in the blogosphere!
I think it's a great way to get to know so many wonderful new people!
Plus, Em is beyond wonderful, her blog is fantastic and I just cannot get enough of it!  She's totally awesome, no!?

I'm a bit shy in real life, so blogging has been a terrific and very fulfilling hobby of mine for a little while now.
I started blogging on a more regular basis near the end of 2010 and back then my only followers were a handful of friends and family.  It wasn't until April 2011 or so when I started actively participating in link ups... these were a great way to discover new blogs, make new friends and gain followers!

At the end of May, I started hinting that I would host my very first giveaway when I reached 50 followers!  That was May 25th... by June 2nd, my first giveaway was up & running and was a complete success!  It was so much fun... I loved hosting the giveaway, and knew I'd love to do more!  On July 25th, I hosted a giveaway in honor of reaching 100 followers!  I couldn't believe it!  For someone who is just blogging about her life {with a little fashion, photography and humor thrown in there}  I couldn't believe anyone that wasn't related to me, total strangers, actually cared about what I had to say.

I've seen some 'not-so-good' stuff happen to fellow bloggers... a bit of cyber-bullying and jealousy, mostly.  Luckily, I have been met with nothing but kindness, generosity and open-arms!  I think it's so important for us to all watch out for each other.  Helping others reach their goals is soooo important to me... many of my new blog friends sustain a living through their shops & handiwork... blogging is a major part of their careers (lives!), and I want to help any way I can.  Others are only blogging for fun, but they're equally as important and need to be reminded that they're doing a great job!  

I proudly display Em's "I Support The Sisterhood" button on my blog because I 100% believe in it!

There are so many wonderful people out there blogging about what is important to them... being able to share a bit of their spirit and lives with them has become a favorite part of my day!  I am nearing 200 followers, and when I do I'll be hosting another fun giveaway... so keep your eyes peeled!  

Let's all continue support each other!  Be kind, be creative, be honest and be ourselves!  

I hope you all will come visit me over at Mom2MempisAndRuby... introduce yourselves and let me know where I can find you! 

Thanks again Em for inviting me over for a little while!  It's been a real pleasure!  




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great guest post! i'm following you now from soleil selene!

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i am following you now from soleil selene! hello!!

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Nice guest post! I'm a new follower from Soleil Selene!

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I'm excited to get to know you here on your blog. I'm your newest follower from soleil selene.