Thursday, September 1, 2011

Ruffled Apron Tutorial...

I love ruffles. They make everything cuter. And what could be cuter than a ruffled apron on a sweet little person. Just thinking about it makes me want to get cooking with my girl.

My Mia has grown out of her old apron so I figured I could put some of my fabric stash to good use and make one myself. Its a pretty quick project, only about an hour. That is if you don't stop for a coffee, to hang  washing, to make some lunch and then have another coffee. Because then it will take you about 3 hours.

For the apron you will need 5 different co-ordinating fabrics and bias binding.

For my 5 year old I used a piece of fabric roughly the size of a large tea towel. Measure from shoulder to just above the knee and also side of the hips to side of the hips to get the right size for your little person.

Main apron piece 40cm wide x 55cm long
4 x lengths 95cm long by 10.5cm wide, each length a different colour
4 metres bias binding (you will have some left over)

Choose your main apron colour and cut to size. Then fold in half lengthwise.

Cut out a curved piece (working from the open side - not from the fold), I just did this by eye, or you can draw it on until you are happy with the shape. Unfold the fabric and now you will see your apron shape.

Fold and pin your bias binding all the way around the outside of the apron. Sew with a straight stitch all the way around.

Cut three pieces of bias binding 80cm in length. Fold each piece in half and sew together, you can either use a large zig zag stitch of two rows of straight stitches. Zig zag is quicker. One piece will form the neck piece and the other two will be the ties

Pin the neck piece an inch and a half down on the back side of the apron, on each side. Making sure not to turn the binding as you go. Stitch on using a straight stitch in a rectangle pattern (see above). Pin a tie piece onto each side of the apron using the curve on the arm hole as a guide. Stitch on in the same way as the neck piece.

Your basic apron is now complete. Now onto the ruffles.

Cut the four lengths of fabric. On one long side fold and iron 0.5cm, then repeat. Sew with a straight stitch. On both short sides fold and iron 1cm, then repeat. Sew with a straight stitch.

On the remaining long side fold under 0.5cm and then repeat. Sew in a straight stitch on the longest stitch setting on the machine, making sure you leave long lengths of cotton and don't backstitch. 

Seperate the two threads and pull the back piece while gently pushing the fabric to form the ruffle.

Starting at the bottom pin your first ruffle, and sew on.

Repeat the process for the remaining ruffle pieces.

Then ta da!

You have one super dooper cute ruffled apron. You may even find it so cute that you decide to make one for yourself. I know I did!

Happy sewing.

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Nicole@MissMommy said...

I want one of these for myself!!!

Em @ And Nothing Else Matters said...

Its cute huh! Once I give Mia hers i will post a picture of us both wearing our matching aprons. Can't wait!

Ashley said...

how adorable....i really need to learn to sew better!

april@gingerbread said...

I am so in love with this project...I love aprons! I hope you will link up with me here:

Heather @ Life Made Lovely said...

cute, cute, cute!