Saturday, October 1, 2011

Headband Tutorial...

I posted this headband tutorial in a guest post over at Mommas Like Me a little while ago. But since I love it so much I thought I'd share it here too!

Here we go,

See that awesome cute headband I'm wearing in my photo? Yeah, I love it too. So I guess it's a good thing I'm going to show you how to make one of your own. 

Here's what you'll need

Some felt for the backing
3 pieces leather strips, mine were 36 inches in length each
Lace ribbon
Hot glue gun
Brooch pin backing
Small colored button

First things first you need to put the 3 strips together and tie a knot about 6 inches from the end 

Now you need to plait the leather, the easiest way is to hold it with your legs. Looks cool too right?!

Stop plaiting 6 inches from the end of the strips and tie in a knot as you did on the other end. Now you have a super cute plaited leather headband. 

Feel free to wear it as is. It's super cute.

Now onto the lace flower. Cut a circle of felt the size that you want your flower to be.

Now grab your glue gun and lace. Glue down a single row of the lace as close to the edge as possible.

 Turn the lace under, like below. We will glue it down underneath at the end. This ensures the edges of the felt is completely covered by the lace. Trim the lace.

Starting again on the top, glue down the lace close to the edge of the circle. This time continue the glueing in a circle getting closer and closer to the centre of the circle.

Once you reach the centre, trim the lace leaving about and inch length tail. Twist and glue the tail under in the centre

Flip the flower over and glue down the edges of lace that you flipped under earlier

Now take your brooch pin and using the hot glue, attach it the the back of the flower

Turn back over and glue a small button into the centre of the flower. This helps to conceal the end of the lace. Cute huh!

It's looks super cute as a brooch too, which is why I used a brooch pin on the back. Lots more options!

To attach to the leather strap simply pin through the plait

Then tie it on. And rock it!

You can also wrap it around your wrist a few times for a super cute bracelet. It's such a fun project. I hope you love it as much as I do!

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