Thursday, October 20, 2011

Skirt Weather, Finally...

Warm days, sunshine. Lovely. And it means getting my pasty pins out. And it makes me realise I need more skirts. Luckily I have more fabric ready to go.

Clearly i make some strange movements while Todd is taking photos.

singlet - valley girl
3/4 tee - big w
skirt - the same one I made from here
short necklace - LMM
long necklace - diva
headband - Simply Nothing Else

skirt - big w
top - sportsgirl
cardi - valley girl
bracelet - Miss Mommy
want to win one for yourself? click here
necklace - LMM

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Salena @ A Little Piece of Me said...

very cute! I love your miss mommy bracelet and your LMM blue flower necklace. :)