Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Fall After The High...

Up until this week, I was so surprised and pleased with how easy I was finding the distance and being away from both of our families. It may be strange to say, but I missed everyone, but not like super sad missing everyone. I was just so caught up with being back living in the same house, in the same state as my husband. Everything else just evened out in the wash.

Then everything changed.

For ten days we had family here. 

For ten days my babies had two of their grandparents here to play with them, read them stories, spoil them rotten and hold them tight.

For ten days I had familiar people around, to talk to, to laugh with and to hang out with.

For ten days it didn't feel like we were away from all of our family.

Then came Sunday afternoon and the goodbyes. My sweet Mia was heartbroken and broke down in tears before they had even started the car. We gave lots of kisses and cuddles and she cheered up a little.

Then came Monday morning, for the last ten days I have had company, adult interaction, coffee buddies, shopping companions. People around from the moment I woke in the morning till the moment I went to bed. So Monday morning Todd went off to work and both the babies were still sleeping, and I realised I was lonely. 
icanread:  (by shutupandkissme)

Not just in the no more guests sense. In the, I still don't really know many people here sense. I don't have people who stop by for a coffee, or catch up with, or meet in town for some shopping. I miss it. I miss familiar people. I miss it all.

So this is the fall, after the high.

I am hoping it passes soon.


Miss Sparkles said...

Ahh I've been going through this a lot lately too.. It's so hard to be alone in a new place. I'm not in the same position as you entirely because I don't have kids but I know how hard it is to wave goodbye to all those familiar faces and find yourself suddenly alone :(

But strangely reading this today has helped me just by showing me I'm not the only one

Mama bear said...

After moving away from home years ago, I am back with my parents while my hubby is in training...until next summer! Then we will get our first station so I am definately going to be going through this same feeling....missing everyone! Keep yourself super busy this week!

Ashley said...

I've been in your shoes. It's going to be tough, but you'll get through this. You'll learn more about yourself and see what it takes to pull yourself through it :)

P.s. You should try to meet up with a blog friend, if you know of anyone in your area!

Ashley said...

I'm so sorry. I have never had to go through this so I don't know what it is like. I just hope it starts to lessen a bit with time. :)

KERRY said...

I completely understand and feel for you. I struggled with this for years and it never got easier. People would always say that's life in the Forces but it never made it any easier to hear that. I hated that empty house when the guests would leave, but after a few days, I was Ok again. I hope you feel better about it real soon.
It's not nice to feel lonely... :(

Salena @ A Little Piece of Me said...

This is EXACTLY what happened to me after I had Dakota. The day everyone left me, Post Partum Depression hit me hard. I was so scared. Your post brought me back to that moment. I'm still dealing with it today 4 years later. Praying for you Em. xoxo

E @ Act Fast Chef said...

I'm so sorry that you are sad and missing your families. I hope each day it gets easier for you.