Thursday, November 17, 2011

A Little Housekeeping...

Just a few little housekeeping messages that I want to get out of the way, and then it will be back to the usual posting later today!

Firstly, I am looking for guest posters to participate in my 2 Weeks of Handmade Christmas Crafts series that I have coming up. Please come and join in, with projects large or small. Email me at with your interest and for more information.

Second, I am now open for sponsors for December, its $5 for the month and all money made goes back into advertising this blog, which in turn means more exposure for your blog or shop. For more info head here, email me at to secure your spot!

And third, a plea from me. Please those of you who do not have your email enabled on your GFC profiles, do it! I love to reply to every comment via email but when you don't have it enabled I can't! I speak for most bloggers when I say it sucks when we can't reply to you personally! So please go and enable it for me.

Thanks so much in advance, cos I totally know you are all rushing off to check now! Hehe.

Oh and I almost forgot the free shipping offer in the shop ends in 24 hours, so get your orders in now so that you don't miss out. Use coupon code FREESHIPPING at checkout! Click here to shop now!