Sunday, November 13, 2011

They make me happy...

This week has been a bit on the emotional side, with me feeling down and lonely since our family left. I am starting to feel back to myself again. Hey don't get me wrong, I still miss everyone like crazy and feel really sad when I think about them all, but my countdown calendar on the fridge lets me know its really not that long until I get to see them all again. And luckily for me, my sweet family have been keeping a smile on my face. After all, Todd, the babies and I are all in this together.

Apart from feeling down, this week has been pretty awesome. Perfect hot days. Playing in the afternoon sunshine. Lots of smiles and laughter. General craziness with the babies. What more could a mumma ask for!

This kidlet seriously loves batman. Every day he either dresses up as batman or a pumpkin. My crazy sweet boy.

My crazy, happy, smart, kind, beautiful girl. This picture sums her up perfectly.

And to top it all off I got a phonecall from my super sweet great aunt who is sending me a few boxes full of crafting and sewing supplies. I seriously cannot wait. She is such an amazing person and makes the most gorgeous things and she is giving me her supplies. To say I feel blessed is an absolute understatement. She even gave me the greatest compliment. She said that I remind her of her sister, my nan. And you know what, she is one of the best people I have ever known. I am a lucky girl to have a lot of her in me.

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KERRY said...

I am glad your little family keeps you smiling throughout the day! Your kids look so much like you Em!!
Have a great week, one week closer to seeing your relatives again :)

Miss Sparkles said...

Aww such happy looking kids! Being around their smiley faces all day would have to rub off! You're lucky to have such super cute distractions from the other stuff!

Anonymous said...

Happiness is contagious & I'm sure being around those two adorable kiddo's it's hard NOT to be happy!!!!

Lacee said...

If we lived close to each other our sons would be the best of friends...I just know it! Carter loves batman too and when I showed his the pic of your son he was like, "that kid is SO cool!" hahaha...silly boys :)

Rachel said...

Love this. I love how your family brings you such joy and makes you so happy. Fun dress-up costumes for your littles to run in. My boys would be in that batman super muscle one for sure.

Blessings to you! Thanks for linking with Friday Favorites.