Tuesday, May 8, 2012

6 Weeks From Today...

We are moving. We are leaving our little town and heading off on a new adventure.

Todd has been here in Wagga for almost two years. The kids and I have been here with him for almost a year. And boy that time has gone fast. Its like those hours go quicker by the day.

Todd is in the Air Force and has been completing a course here. Its a dang hard course. Four years worth of content and exams crammed into 60 or so months. They refer to this course as the hardest in the Air Force, with the highest fail rate. Talk about daunting. But the man is smart. So smart. Smarter than he has ever given himself credit for. He has this amazing mind that seems to hold onto information and be able to process and understand crazy complex ideas that are way beyond me. And this course is proof. He is blitzing it. From 90 odd exams he only has two left. And his average is around 94%. He is right up there at the top of his course with one other guy. I couldn't be more proud.

He graduates from this course in 3 and a half weeks. Talk about exciting! His family are all coming down for it and it's going to be a blast. And his birthday is the following day which will just make the celebrations even sweeter. He has two more weeks here after grad before we head off to our posting location. 

We are so excited, seriously counting down the days.

The problem is, we have no idea where we are going. And it could be weeks before we find out. He has put in his preferences, so we can keep our fingers crossed, but considering we don't even know where vacancies are, we can't really even guess.

And the waiting is slowly but surely driving me crazy! 

I just want to be able to look into schools, houses, kindy, work, everything. I am a planner and this is definitely showing me that I can't plan everything. Sometimes I just have to sit back and wait. 
Someone else is in charge of making this decision for us.

And it's proving to be an interesting lesson in patience.

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Kristine Foley @ TheFoleyFam said...

Em! That's so very exciting!! But with the excitement of new adventures comes all those other mixed emotions :) I can't even begin to imagine!! Looking forward to following your cute little fam whereever you might go :) XOXO