Sunday, May 27, 2012

A Blur...

This weekend came and went so fast. It felt like a blur. Actually the entire week did.

Every second weekend I work, and this weekend was my weekend on. It always leaves me feeling like I haven't spent any time with Todd or the kids. Thankfully we always make up for it on my weekend off. I started this weekend tired. It was a big week of organizing, but it was exciting stuff being organised.

Our move back to Queensland is getting so close now. I can practically feel it. And to make things better we now have school for Mia, kindy for Ryan, work for me, and most importantly our new house sorted. We now know our address and what our house looks like. I love it! And the kitchen is way bigger than this one, yay we can finally have our double door fridge back, instead of having in the garage. Thank goodness.

I am feeling so relieved and full of anticipation. We have our date for our pre-pack, our uplift and our official leave and arrival dates. Now it seems real. And beyond awesome. Between all the organizing, there was eye and regular doctor's appointments to go to, a school sports carnival that resulted in very cold and soaked through little people, work, sewing and all the day to day errands and jobs. The benefit of keeping busy and my days full is that time with our loved ones is getting closer at lightening speed. It's fantastic.

This week isn't looking like slowing down at all. We have our final inspection and exit information appointment, Todd has his two final exams, I have work and then on Wednesday family starts to arrive ahead of Todd's grad on Friday. His parents, his brother and his girlfriend as well as his sister are all coming to stay to celebrate with us. Oh and I forgot to mention it's Todd's birthday on Saturday. Another awesome busy week ahead. 

And for the record we have 25 sleeps left in this house. Not that I am counting down or anything. 

Oh, I almost forgot. Thank you all for your kind thoughts and prayers for my Dad. A little update, he is out of hospital and doing well. They are a little concerned with how he is healing on his wound and where they had his drain and are hoping it isn't an infection. The main thing is for his to lose some weight and get his cholesterol under control to prevent further strain on his heart. I am praying that this happens quickly. 

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