Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I Haven't Turned Out Yet...

Today a random facebook post reminded me of songs I used to listen to when I was little. Songs that were the soundtrack to my childhood. And I came across this one that my sisters and I used to listen to over and over again.

Hearing it again as a parent really tugged at my heartstring. Its a precious reminder.

I haven't Turned Out Yet by Chuck Fulmore

The other day I heard my mom complaining to my dad
It seemed she was quite certain I was turning out all bad
And so that night when she came in to tuck me into bed
I asked her to sit down awhile and this is what I said

I said, "Mom you do not need to worry"
I said "Mom don't give up on me yet
Those things you always tell me I never will forget.
Someday, I'll be a grown up And you'll be proud I'll bet
You see I'm still a kid mom, I haven't
Turned out yet."

My dad was tellin' grandpa he was worried as could be
It seemed his heart was broken' he was so ashamed of me
And so that night instead of mom, twas Dad who tucked me in
I asked him to sit down awhile, I started with a grin

I said, "Dad you do not need to worry"
I said, "Dad you do not need to fret
That spankin you just gave me I never will forget
Someday I'll be a grown up and you'll Be proud I'll bet
You see I'm still a kid dad, I haven't Grown up yet."

A little later that same night we heard both mom and dad
We peeked through the keyhole, they were kneeling by their bed
With arms around each other, they were talkin kind of sad
It seems that they were prayin' cause this what they said.

They said, "Lord we ask you to forgive us"
They said, "Lord we're so quick to forget
We were kids not long ago and we're not grown up yet
Please help us to be kind and not do things we'll regret
Be patient with us please Lord we haven't turned out yet
Keep workin' with us please Lord, we haven't turned out yet.

Even better when you watch This clip on youtube.

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