Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Small sewing...

This time around I cannot wait to get sewing for some fun and unique goodies for #3. I didn't even own a sewing machine, let alone remember my high school sewing skills when I was pregnant with the first two.

I am not planning on going crazy and making everything, because lets face it there are some awesome buys out there at super great prices. But here are a few things that I am definitely going to try to make!

These adorable baby shoes. Seriously cute aren't they, and super soft for those precious tiny feet.

Easy peasy nappy / diaper covers. Its still going to be hot here when my bundle is born, so nappy covers and singlets are going to be the regular wear around the house. Plus they look much cuter than seeing the huggies show.

This awesome nursing cover. This time around I won't need to hook a wrap into my bra strap to hold it in place when nursing out and about. Genius.

Sweet cloth blocks, cute for decorating the nursery and soft enough that over enthusiastic older siblings aren't going to hurt the baby when they inevitably try to shove them into those tiny hands.

Cute baby mittens. Lets face it those tiny fingernails are crazy sharp and if this one is anything like my other two will want to try and scratch at their face whenever uncovered.

Fitted cot sheets. Seriously why have a not thought of this sooner? I always struggled to find ones I love and just settled for what I could find. Now I can scour the fabric stores and find the perfect print, pattern or color. Fab!

I just love this gorgeous baby blanket. Super soft and sweet. Plus I can make it as matchy (or not) as I want with the rest of the nursery. Perfect.

This super easy bib looks like fun to make and lets face it you need lots of them. I always used them when nursing and need them super absorbent for when the milk inevitably comes back up, and I would rather not change the outfit yet again.

I cannot wait to get sewing. Do you make any goodies for your bub? Feel free to leave any suggestions on goodies I haven't even thought of. Links are always loved!


Kate Sparkles said...

Oh my goodness.. I missed the big announcement but congratulations! Amazing news. I can't wait to see all the little bits you'll sew up for the new little sweetie, you've picked quite a list of bits to start on!

Tif said...

Sweet blog!!!
I found you thru the I Love My Online Friends GFC Hop! New Follower! YAY!

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