Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A Day At The Show...

Back in mid August we went to the show. We love going, its always such a fun day out with the kids. And boy does it wear them out, which is always a bonus.

I was looking back over the photos and couldn't resist sharing some of my favorites.


Mia spotted this little baby and couldn't resist a cuddle. She sat there with the sweet thing snuggled into her for so long. I think she would have stayed with it all day if we let her!

Just cruisin' with his friends from Cars.

For weeks leading up she couldn't stop talking about going on the big trampolines. But once she was strapped in and started jumping she got super nervous. She was jumping much higher than she thought she would be.

Then all of a sudden, bam. She decided to do a flip. And that was it, she had a blast. And kept flipping over, and over, and over. She couldn't get enough.
There was so much more that we did and saw at the show, yummy show food, showbags, fun shows and characters walking around. It really was such a great day.

I can't wait till next year, when we will have three precious little ones to take. So much to look forward to.

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Kate Sparkles said...

I haven't been to the show since high school.. but I remember it being so much fun, I'd spend a good hour in the dairy pavillion just scabbing all the samples.

Your little ones look like they had the best time! Gorgeous pics.