Tuesday, September 18, 2012

After school...

After school and after kindy my babies are always hungry. Being a cute kid uses up all of your energy stores pretty darn quickly I guess.

And since the weather here has well and truly left winter behind they are obsessed with smoothies now. I am happy to go along with that. Some frozen fruit, a little honey and some milk or juice. Simple, quick and fills those little bellies.

Plus its so easy to basically let the kids make them themselves. Supervised of course, to make sure that lid goes on to avoid huge messes. 

How sweet are these cups?

And swirly straws. I adore them.


The best part, my babies love them.

The smoothies and the cups!
 Check back soon for a chance to win a cup for one of your cuties. Plus some other goodies from Stuck on You.

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