Thursday, September 6, 2012

Just A Walk In The Park...

The kids having been finding the last few days tough. Ryan especially. The sweet boy is bursting into full on sobs at the most random of moments, and seems to be on a quest to gather every framed photo of his Daddy and build a little circle to sit in and cry. I mean what do you say to the boy who gets mad at you for not crying when you are desperately trying not to join in with him? Bless sweet Mia and her kind heart, she is going above and beyond to help with anything and everything, and she is determined to stop her brother from crying. It is such a sweet sight watching them together comforting each other.

Distraction is my biggest tool right now. Fill in their time, so they don't just dwell on Todd being so far away for such a big chunk of time.

Add in the super warm start to spring we are having here and what better to do after school and kindy than grab some icy poles and the dog and head to the park at the end of our street for a walk and a play. I didn't even think to take a camera, lucky for iPhone's I say.

It put smiles on their faces, filled some time, and gave them something else to tell Daddy about in their next Skype session.


And can I just say thank heavens for Skype and instant messaging. It makes being on different sides of the world not seem so far apart.

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