Saturday, October 20, 2012

Let's Have A Coffee...

Come, get comfy and let me pour you a hot cup. 

Wow life seems to be going crazy fast right now. It seems like I was only just saying I didn't want to wish time away and now bam it seems to be flying by faster than ever.

Tomorrow I am 22 weeks along with this little man. Can you say crazy?! When did this happen, I am really enjoying this stage, and I just want it to slow down a little. I am loving having energy again, being able to eat most things without feeling ill, and just generally feeling good. What's not to love.

My Todd comes home in 3 weeks. I simply can't believe how quick the time has gone. I am incredibly thankful for it being easier this time. I have wonderful friends and family to thank for that, that's for sure. Letting me stay, plenty of catch ups, play dates, cooking me lots of food. Can't complain there! It hasn't been easy, we have all missed him like crazy. He is the head of our house, our number one guy. And we adore him. 

Being apart is so incredibly hard. It takes a lot of work and the right attitude. And a strong bond. Gosh that's important, otherwise there would be resentment, anger and massive frustruation coming into it, and that's not good for anyone. Knowing that he is working in a job that he loves and is still working hard to take care of us from so far away, well that just makes things so much easier. But I've got to admit I would probably go a little crazy without Skype, I guess you could call it my little lifeline. 
And knowing that he is seeing and experiencing some amazing things makes me happy too. A little envious for sure, I'm only human. But man seeing some of his pictures and places he has been. Amazing. And I am getting some seriously cool goodies when he comes home too, talk about a sweetener.

My precious girl is getting closer to finishing her second year of school. How did that happen? My baby is going to be in grade 2 next year. While I love seeing her confidence and learning grow, my heart aches at how she is growing up. I just want to bottle her and keep her my sweet little girl forever.

My crazy boy, he is just so much fun right now. He is such a little sponge, wanting to know how to spell everything, practicing writing everything. Just wanting to know about everything. And boy does he ever get proud when he remembers the spelling of a word, or writes things correcting. Precious.

I am enjoying life as it is right now. Sure, some things are huge struggles. Some days are tough and I would just like them to be over. But I am just feeling so blessed. I have two wonderful kids, one precious bundle growing in my belly and an amazing husband who is counting down with me to his return.

Now let me top up your coffee and fill me in on everything that is going on in your life. Please tell me that you feel like time is just flying by aswell!

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Ashley said...

You look great! Can't believe you are over half way already!