Sunday, October 14, 2012

Pink or Blue...

We were lucky enough to have a super clear image on our 12 week 3D scan, which meant we were told whether our little bundle was going to be pink or blue. But since it was so early they recommended getting confirmation at our 20 week scan.

I couldn't resist doing some shopping, and I believed in my heart that I knew it was right.  Luckily for me is was, cos I love the goodies and the name we have chosen.

We are having another little man. A little blue bundle. Such joy!

Ryan was beyond thrilled, he said all along that he wanted a baby brother. Mia on the other hand, not so much at first. But she has warmed to the idea, especially since I reminded her that it would make us the two princesses of the family. I knew calling her a princess would work!

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Lena B, Actually {Mom2MemphisAndRuby} said...

Aw, congrats! :)

Ashley said...

Congrats on another little man!

Amanda said...

Yay!!!!! Congrats!!!!!

iHeartMorish said...

Hi there, just stopping by from the GFC Blog Hop. You have a great blog, and big congrats on your little man. Thanks so much for sharing. I am now following you.

:) Kylie from Random Drawers