Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Shopping For Baby Boy...

Oh baby shopping. It seriously doesn't get much more fun. There is something about the itty bitty cuteness of everything that nearly sends me over the edge. Way more fun than shopping for myself that's for sure.

I haven't gone crazy yet. In fact I don't really think I've gotten that much at all. Once Todd get back and we set up the nursery and lay it all out, I'll have a better idea of what I actually need to get. At the moment everything is sitting in bags in my robe, not the best idea as I end up looking at all the cute things everytime I go in there to get dressed. Baby things are so distracting!

1234567, 8910

Most of the things I have gotten so far are from Target, they have had some awesome sales lately. I don't think I have payed full price for a single thing so far. You have got to love that!

I'm keeping with the blue and red theme, so that if we do end up deciding to put the two boys in the same room it will all co-ordinate. Pretty much everything in Ryan's room is red and blue.

I can't wait to set up all this little man's stuff and get started with the decorating, that part is always so much fun.

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