Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Vacay Days...

There is a certain amount of bliss that school holidays bring. The break from the locked in school hours routine. The break from the monday to friday. Every day feels like the weekend.

Of course there is the extra fighting between siblings, boredom on rainy days and sometimes just wanting a break. But more than anything I love how school holidays remind me of what it was like before school. Before kindy. When my kids were home with me everyday. When we could do whatever took our fancy on a tuesday, or play dress ups all day on a thursday. And go to the beach on a wednesday. I enjoy the extra time, whinging, fighting, boredom and all.

We have been fortunate enough to be able to come and spend our school holidays with family, who happen to live by the beach. Lucky for us or what. And for the most part the weather has been beautiful. Warm, blue skies, perfect for spending the days outdoors. Great for getting the sand between your toes.

It been so nice getting up in the morning and taking our time, choosing how we are going to spend our days. Playing laughing and having fun.

Spending time with family has been the added bonus. It has been so great having some more adult conversation and company while Todd is away. I am looking forward to getting back to our home and regular lives, but the company is the one thing that I will miss. 

But the good part is that this sunday marks the halfway point. From here I start counting down the days till we get to pick him up from the airport. I can not wait.


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Ashley said...

Yeah for getting to the halfway point, already! I bet you can't wait to have him home. Looks like you are having an amazing vacation right now. I would love to be at the beach. Our fall weather has finally arrived here and we had frost this morning. :)