Thursday, November 15, 2012

Cake Pops...

Since I mentioned that I made cake pops the other week and I said how easy they were, I have received lots of emails asking what recipe I used. Let me tell you, put simply it was the cheats version.

Since I only decided I was going to take them to the barbecue hours before we were due to leave I had to make it simple. I winged it and hoped for the best! Luckily for me they worked perfectly.

Here's all you need:
Cake mix that comes with icing (I used Betty Crocker Red Velvet)
Large bag of white chocolate melts
Normally you would use lolly pop sticks but all I had on hand were coffee stirrers. Turns out they work a treat.

First up I baked the cake as per the instructions on the box. While it cooled I mixed up the icing.
Once the cake was cooled I crumbled 3/4 of it into the icing mixture. and stirred it together. Then I got my hands dirty.

In case you are wondering what happened to the rest, I ate it. Yep, no point denying it.

I then rolled the combined mix into roughly uniform sized balls, and popped them in the freezer to go nice and hard. I left them there for about 30 mins, while I did the school run.

Here they are nice and firm.

I forgot to take pictures of the next few steps. But here's what you do.
First I melted the choc bits in the microwave in batches (I used 15 sec bursts to make sure it didn't over heat it)
Take you sticks and dip one end into the melted choc. Let the chocolate start to firm a little then push a ball of cake onto it. Now let the chocolate set. This will help to stop the cake from sliding down the stick. 

Now you can go ahead and dip the rest of the ball into the chocolate, I used a swirling motion. and then let a little drip off before I pushed them into an upturned cardboard box to hold them still. 

While the chocolate was still soft I sprinkled on the sprinkles. As the pops are upright any excess chocolate will just drip right off and leave you with a pretty smooth surface.

The chocolate doesn't take long to set again at all. I had just enough time to whip up a salad and they were done. I popped them in a baking paper lined container to transport and I was done.

Let me tell you they were a big hit with the grown ups and the kids. Win win.

Now you know how truly easy they are you have no excuse to make them yourself. That the excuse I am using anyway!

Happy cake pop baking.

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