Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Excuse the snazzy double chin I am rocking, so not a flattering angle to take a photo on!
It has been a week since Todd returned home from overseas. It has gone so crazy quick, yet feels like he never left at all already.

I love how it works like that in our little family, it doesn't matter how much time passes with Todd away for work, the second he returns home it all seems to fall seemlessly back into place.

We were waiting at his base an hour and a half before his plane was due to arrive, because the kids and I were so excited. We had drinks and snacks and I parked up near the runway and we passed the time watching the fighter jets launch and land. The kids loved it. And just as I was hopping out of the car to fix up Mia's ponytail, I spotted his plane in the distance.

The excitement and anticipation literally stopped me in my tracks. I called to the kids that Daddy's plane was coming in and we all stared in awe. I think you could almost hear our hearts racing if you were nearby. Watching his plane fly in and land safe and sound back on home soil was the most incredible feeling. And being so darn close to the runway made it even more exciting. I may have even driven really slowly (aka keeping pace with the plane as it taxied down to its parking spot) all the way back to the car park behind Todd's squadron's building.

When he finally came through those gates a huge wave of love just washed over me. He looked so handsome in his uniform, and the way he just dropped all his bags and dropped to his knees to scoop up our babies as they ran towards him. Overwhelming is the only way to describe it. And how tenderly he took me in his arms and placed his hands on my bulging belly. The best feeling ever.

That's my little guy in the blue shorts, rash shirt and black cap. With his back to me. He just would not stop for a photo, too much exciting water to play with!

This last week has been filled with so much love and quality time I can't even put it into words. We haven't really 'done' much except for soaking in each others company. And it has been wonderful.
I am so thrilled to have my little family all together under the same roof (in the same country!) again, we have so much to look towards and so much to catch up on, that I am going to treasure every single moment.


Debby said...

I never got to see my son land when he returned from two different deployments. He was stationed in Hawaii and we live in Ohio. But I do know that feeling. I could picture you and your family through your words. Thank him for me. So glad he is home safely.

Ashley said...

That brought tears to my eyes! How wonderful that he is home. Soak up every minute. :)