Saturday, November 3, 2012

Pumpkin Pie...

So I made pumpkin pie.

 Not a big deal. But I have never eaten it before let alone cooked it. It's just not something you see here in Australia. But lately my feed has been full of pictures of awesome looking pumpkin pie. So what else is a pregnant mumma to do but get cooking!

I used the recipe from here, except I picked up a pre-made pastry base at the supermarket.
It was way simpler than I thought, and it smelt amazing as it was cooking!

 It tasted amazing. The kids loved it too.
Definitely something I am going to make again. Like really, really soon.


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Ashley said...

Pumpkin pie is amazing! hands down my favorite pie! I love all things pumpkin, really. I haven't ever made one from scratch, though. Maybe this year will be the year!