Monday, November 19, 2012

She is Delightful...

I am mid-way through my little at home holiday with Todd now that he is back from overseas. Can I just say it wasn't a moment too soon. We are all walking on air having him back.
The amazing Jen from Delightful Deets has stopped by to say hi to you all in my absence. She rocks and has some serious words of wisdom.

With that I will leave you in her wise hands.

I'm so excited to be posting for Em and am thrilled for her that Todd is coming home! Doesn't she have the sweetest little bump?! I blog over at Delightful Deets with my little sister! We like to bake, craft, and sometimes share what we've worn! We'd love it if you came and checked out my daughter's Ruffles & Roses Party! Mr. J & Mrs. J
7 years ago

Dear newlywed Mrs. J:
You will walk into marriage barely knowing a thing, except that you are head over heels for Mr. J. Luckily, within the past year you learned how to do laundry and make your mom's simple, but famous roast. Coming out of the Temple will be the most amazing moment for you. You had a few rough years trying to find yourself and the ceremony was full of people who not only loved this new couple, but cheered you on the whole time you struggled. This day is truly a day to celebrate!

While you thought your dad was falling asleep during the ceremony, you will later find out his emotions got the best of him and he closed his eyes to stay a bit more in control. Mom held your hand on one side while your husband was on the other. You will be incredibly lucky to have your mom there to "hold your hand" over the next 6 years and teach you some of the most invaluable lessons, even though you will think you know everything there is about working on a relationship. She is a pro at giving, nuturing, and never thinking of herself. I would recommend that you try and remember to simply respect each other. Your sweetheart isn't perfect. Newsflash: you aren't either.

His mom will become one of your favorite women and he is the golden grandson of the grandmother you will name your daughter after. You will understand this more once your baby boy comes along. The momma bear in you gets her heart broken just thinking of her boy getting picked on, can you imagine the type of mother in law you'll be? Hope you have enough time to learn to put down the claws. On the topic of in laws, you have been incredibly blessed. Try to be mature and prove yourself. For some reason coming from California and packing a separate suitcase just for your shoes probably didn't ease their minds at night. You are more alike than you think and once the kids start coming, it will be smooth sailing. You will confide in your mother in law with pretty much everything and some weeks you will talk to her more than Mr. J will.

 Continue planning surprises for the Mr. He was pleasantly surprised when you played "From this Moment On," before your reception. Except you should have just sat on your dress instead of draping it over the bench. The rectangle look still bugs me.

 It's pretty fun that you still keep in touch with most of your bridesmaids, but your bridal party was massive.

Add in your huge family and you get a huge party. Lots of pink and green. That's your personality though. You were the 1st to be married and loved including everybody. That love for parties and "organized chaos" will continue. You will host easter egg hunts, birthday parties, and girls night out where people who have had as little as a quick introduction at church need to feel included.

Love every second of your first dance! The hubs will sweetly sing the words to Divide Me by Kalai, and that will be a once in a lifetime moment! Cherish it. It's all about you two. How you choose to handle things, where you choose to go, and the examples you set for your children will be up to you two. Had you been asked what you love about Mr. J prior to being married, you might have said, "He's such a sweet guy!" "Oh, he's so hot!" "He makes me laugh!" After being married for just a bit, you can expand. He has mellowed you out. You've been taught that you can't control anyone but yourself. He provides for your family and is the hardest worker you know. You can tell that he is loved as a boss and he is genuine. He is grateful for everything, even if Kraft Mac and Cheese is what's on the menu for dinner. You are not a morning person, sometimes you won't even hear his alarm go off and he accepts that until you have kids in school, he probably won't see you in the morning. Good job slacker! The possibilities are endless and he allows you to try everything. He cheers you on and slips in sweet compliments when you are least expecting it. Every week it seems like you start down a new avenue and he goes along for the ride. Couponing, yes you will learn to save money, and he wants to know how he can help. Cooking, he will try your dishes first and he's not very good at lying. So, you know if it's not delish after the first bite by the look in his face, even though he will only give you positive feedback and try to convince you otherwise. After begging him, he will save money to get you an awesome camera so you can be even more annoying on trips to the park, swimming and all of the 1st's in life that you think need to be captured. Even though he'd rather not spend his free time with bigger-than-anticipated DIY projects, he will get down and dirty and end up enjoying the finished product. You will learn to compromise on the topic of buying or leasing cars. He will learn to compromise on the topic of a really incredible sale that can't be missed, 50% of the time. Mr. J is completely selfless. His family is his #1 priority. He is an amazing father and don't be sad that you fall to #2 when he walks in the door. Seeing your kids adore him will give you butterflies over and over.

Just simply love him, all these small things seem to add up to be the big things in life!
PS-Go ahead and try on your dress after your baby boy comes, it will still fit just a bit snugger. Do yourself a favor and don't even attempt it after your daughter comes. You will ask out loud how your ahem...ladies were ever that high and perky. Who knew your hips could expand so much?!

Obsessed with this song, perfect one for today!
"God gave me you for the ups and downs
God gave me you for the days of doubt
For when I think I’ve lost my way
There are no words here left to say, it’s true
God gave me you
On my own I’m only
Half of what I could be
I can’t do without you
We are stitched together
And what love has tethered
I pray we never undo"

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