Monday, November 5, 2012

What A Lovely Weekend...

This weekend was one of those where we didn't do a whole lot but it felt good.

Friday night started off with a barbecue dinner and play date at Mia's best friends house. Jumping castle with water slide, batman dress ups (yet again!), good food and nice company. Great start to any weekend if you ask me. 

Oh and I made cake pops to take for dessert. First time ever. Can't believe I have waited so long. They are so easy and such a hit with kids and adults alike.

Saturday we spent the day with a friend (her hubby is overseas working with Todd) and her baby. I can't tell you how nice it is spending time with someone who is feeling the same things as you about being away from your other half. And her little bubba is just so cute. Mia and Ryan just love being around him. I look at it as good practice for them too.

On the way back home we made a last minute trip to the park. 

Perfect way to get the kids to burn off any energy they had left from the day. Even if it did end with Ryan having an a number two accident in his pants. Luckily I always have spare clothes for the kids, A quick clean up and change of clothes and we still had enough time for another few slides.

After that it was an early night all round. Well attempted early night for me. I tossed and turned and finally fell asleep as the kids came in after waking to go to the toilet. A restless night for sure, but i did enjoy the cuddles.

Our Sunday was super relaxing. Sleep ins. Pancakes for brunch, banana with strawberries and blueberries on top.Yum. The kids played in the rain. We painted (a fun project getting ready for Daddy's homecoming), played board games, read books and just hung out.

After filling my weekends so much to keep my mind off Todd being away, it was so nice to just have a laid back day.

And its even better knowing their is only one more weekend until he is back home.
It was to be only 7 sleeps, but now its going to be 8 or maybe 9. I don't mind as long as he comes home. 

And that I simply can't wait for.


Labrijoy @ Reality Strikes Mommy said...

Hi Em, I found you via the GFC Hop and just followed your blog. I'd appreciate if you can visit my blog and follow it back. Please leave a comment once you have so I would know you stopped by.


Bec Theo said...

Hi,there!! Wow those cake pops look awesome, I have been meaning to make some, I think I'll give it a go soon. Found you from the GFC Hop, am now GFC following you :)