Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Getting Started For Christmas...

I love being organised for Christmas. Nothing better than having as much as possible sorted early on so you can actually relax and enjoy all of the fun that the season has to offer. But I have to admit this year I am a little behind. As much as I have been counting down it feels like Christmas has crept up on me. Normally all of my present shopping is done and dusted and wrapped ready to go under the tree on December 1.

The tree went up, and no presents ready to go. More on our tree day celebration coming in a post soon. It was such a fun day!

Tree, before and after. Similar available from Big W, ours is an older version of the same tree. 

I just love wrapping presents. And at least I have now gotten the boys in the family sorted, and half the girls. But I can't share the girls presents on here to preserve the surprise. Wink. I'm from a family of all girls, so buying for boys, yup I am so not great at it. I call in the big guns aka Todd, he picks the presents that the boys always love.

This year? Nerf guns all the way. And you know what tells me they are going to love them? The fact that both Ryan and Todd wanted to keep them for themselves. Boys and their toys. The same whether it is the father or the son.

Oh and if you are in Australia, Big W has some great specials on Nerf gun products right now.

We are probably going to get Ryan his own Nerf gun now too, which I am sure his big sister is just going to love. Just wait until their are two of them ganging up on her. As a girl who only had sisters, I feel for her already!

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