Friday, December 7, 2012

Life Lately...

Let's pause with a coffee for a moment. Make mine iced, it's so hot here.

It's been a full on week. Not super hectic but full on. 

Last Saturday we had our big tree day, which was so fun and such a great little family day. Then on Sunday we loaded up the babies and headed down to my mum's place (an hour and a half away) for her engagement party. There was loads of family I hadn't seen in a long time so it was fantastic playing catch up. And to make the day more exciting, it turned out that Mum and her fiance Keith had already up and gotten married during the week! So the day ended up being a wedding reception. Super fun and it was great seeing my Mum so happy. 

After a huge weekend I wasn't surprised when Mia woke up still tired, but her being tired turned into a fever, which led to some vomiting and a nasty sore infected throat. My poor sweet girl. I so feel for her being in so much pain, yet all she is worried about is the fact that she is missing out on school and seeing her friends. 

With her being home sick, I have barely left the house except for a very much needed trip to the supermarket before we ran out of food! My huge to-do list has been postponed but I have gotten a whole heap of crafting and quality snuggle time with my babies in. I have even managed to sneak in a nap or two in the afternoon with my love. Most definitely not complaining about that at all.

Todd had his work Christmas party last night, which means he gets a bonus day off today (great deal that is!)  so we are going to make the most of a surprise long weekend. And hopefully we will do it with a little girl well and truly on the mend.

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