Thursday, December 6, 2012

Our Tree Day Celebrations...

I start counting down so early till December 1 and our big tree day celebrations. Every year I try to convince Todd to let me do it early, but I never have any luck. All it does is add even more excitement to the actual day. 

Our celebrations started the night before when we all gathered on the couch to eat popcorn and watch The Grinch. I seriously can't get enough of that movie. Then on December 1 we woke early and headed into the city to go look at the Christmas windows, the decorations and of course to visit Santa. The babies were beyond excited! 

The windows were so beautiful, Santa was beyond awesome and the big tree in the square was amazing!

They both ran straight up to Santa and basically launched themselves onto his lap, especially Ryan who was over the moon.

Look at the size of the tree, how tiny do we look next to it!
After a bite to eat, some yummy iced coffee's and iced chocolate's and a little Christmas shopping we headed back home to get decorating at home and start on our feast.
We turned up the Christmas music and really got into the spirit.

Mia and Ryan decorated 90% of the tree themselves. We did the lights, and assisted in the tinsel and Todd lifted them up to put the baubles up high. They loved having control of it, although Todd did have to remind me a few times to just let them do it. I'm hopeless!

This year was Mia's turn to put the star on top, Ryan was happy to cheer her on!

Once the tree was done I set to work decorating around the house. Hanging bunting, stockings, tinsel, advent calendars, wreaths and loads of other goodies. I kinda love the explosion of Christmas around the house.

Then as the sun set it was time to tuck into our feast.
We had a turkey with loads of homemade stuffing, cheesy mash, green beans, sweet potato casserole and of course gravy and cranberry sauce.

It was so so yummy. I helped myself to two big servings.

Then we all snuggled up on the couch to watch Home Alone and eat pumpkin pie for dessert.

For those of you who are interested, here are Mia's instructions on how to put up your tree. You are welcome.

It was such a wonderful day and the perfect way to bring in the start of the most wonderful, special and magical season of the year.

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