Monday, December 10, 2012

Two Weeks Of Handmade Christmas Ideas {Day One}

Hello and welcome to the Two Weeks of Handmade Christmas Ideas series. I had so much fun running this series last year. And I hope you all love the ideas that I have for you this time around.

So lets get started.

{Day One}

Twine Christmas Trees

Here's what you will need:

Twine in two different colours/patterns
Styrofoam cone (I re-used mine from a previous project hence the fabric covering it)
Various bells for decorating
Hot glue gun (not pictured)

Pick which colour twine you want for the base colour of the tree. I fell in love with this grey and white twist.

Starting at the bottom of the cone, glue down the end of the twine.

then start twisting the twine around the cone, gluing in intervals. I did mine about an inch apart.

Keep twisting

and gluing

Until you get to the top. Pop some glue on the top point and glue the twine across. Once the glue has set, snip of the twine.

And your base is done. So pretty just like this but who can resist a little decoration and bells.

Cut a length of your other colour twine. This will depend on your cone size. I roughly wrapped around the cone to see how much I would need then added a little extra just in-case.

I then un-twisted my twine to have two thin pieces. Thread some of your bells onto one of the thin twine pieces, leaving about half.

Start at the top of the cone with the end of the twine and one of the bells and glue down.

Continue to work downwards gluing the twine down at the points where the bells are attached.

I then followed the same process with the other thin twine (without bells attached) and the glues on the remaining bells at random points around the tree/cone.

And you are done. I just love how they turned out and how quick and easy they are. And cheap is you work with items you already have in your stash like I did.

Come back tomorrow for {Day Two} and a super easy Christmas bunting to brighten up any room.

Until then happy Christmas crafting!

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