Saturday, December 15, 2012

Two Weeks Of Handmade Christmas Ideas {Day Four}

Hello and welcome to the Two Weeks Of Handmade Christmas Ideas series! 

Did you see the first three days? If you missed out you can catch up herehere and here. Let's get on with today's fun.

{Day Four}

Fabric Strip Wreath

A scrap wreath is so simple and cheap to make, the idea is to use small strips of scrap fabric to make a super pretty and unique Christmas decoration. You can buy special hoops to make these but you can just as easily use and old wire hanger for the job. That's what I did, so this wreath ended up costing me zero to make. Bonus!

Here's what you'll need:

An old hanger bent to the shape of a circle or a hoop
Scraps of fabric cut into 1/2 inch x 4 inch strips, I used 128 in total. 32 x four different fabrics
Some ribbon to finish

Let's get started!

Work out the pattern you want your fabric strips to go in, the grab your first piece. Starting at the top to one side of the hanger hook place your strip behind the wire with the wrong side facing towards you and tie in a knot.

Like so

Now continue along using you different fabrics and making sure to repeat the pattern.

This part is a little time consuming but stick with it! The end result is so worth it.

And finally you are done!

Under the hanger hook tie some ribbon in a bow. Bend your hanger hook into a nice neat loop and hang your masterpiece somewhere special.

I just love how mine turned out and I hope you love yours just as much too!

Come back tomorrow for a super easy Christmas tag idea that your kids will love helping you with.

Until then have fun Christmas creating!

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Such Vaski said...

Looove this easy fabric wreath! Definitely on my to do list :) thanks for posting such an easy tutorial!