Thursday, December 20, 2012

Two Weeks of Handmade Christmas Ideas {Day Five}

Hello and welcome to the Two Weeks Of Handmade Christmas Ideas series! 

Did you see the first four days? If you missed out you can catch up hereherehere and here. Let's get on with today's fun.

{Day Five}

Simple Kiddie Decorated Gift Tag

Seriously too cute, right?! These babies are just perfect for giving to the immediate family who you know are just going to treasure these mini masterpieces almost as much as their presents.

All you need are some plain gift tags and decorating supplies. I had no more gift tags left in my stash so I used some thick brown paper that I had. Cut it into the gift tag shapes, punched a small hole to attach twine and they were ready for the kids to get creative.

Mine used markers, glitter and pom poms on the various tags they made. But you can use whatever you have on hand. Stickers are great!

The only rule I gave them was to make sure they actually wrote the name on the tag, the rest was up to them.

They are just too sweet! And the best part is that your kids will love joining in on the wrapping fun and seeing their handiwork proudly displayed under the tree.

Come back tomorrow for a super fun Christmas pj bottoms! My kids love theirs to pieces. 

Until then happy creating!

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