Friday, December 21, 2012

Two Weeks Of Handmade Christmas Ideas {Day Seven}

Hello and welcome to the Two Weeks Of Handmade Christmas Ideas series! 

Did you see the first six days? If you missed out you can catch up hereherehereherehere and here. Let's get on with today's fun.

{Day Seven}

No-Sew Customised Christmas Napkins

I love the idea of customised napkins for Christmas. Especially when you can make them to match your other Christmas decor. And the best part about these babies are that they are no sew and take only a few minutes. Plus they give you table that little bit of extra something that makes it special.

All you need for these are some plain fabric napkins, I chose white, some fabric scraps to decorate and a hot glue gun. Simple!

I used the same two fabrics as my table runner. Since one already had sweet snowflakes I used them, but Christmas tree, bells or star shapes in your fave fabric also work really well.

I then used the other fabric and cut out the first initial of our names. So easy.

I then worked out how I wanted them on the napkin, the kids helped me choose who got which snowflake. It was a very big decision!

Once you are happy with the positioning, glue those babies down. And you are done!

So quick and easy, yet they pack a punch!

I hope you enjoy customising some Christmas napkins of your own.

Come back tomorrow for a fun Christmas pillow cover decorating idea.

Until then happy Christmas creating!

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