Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A Last Minute Date...

Remember last week when I posted my little pre-baby bucket list? Well the one thing on that list that I thought for sure wouldn't happen was a date night with Todd. Not for lack of trying but I figured we would have to just settle for an at home date once the babies were asleep. Well we got lucky!
Last Saturday was Australia Day, normally we would head to the beach and have a bbq and spend the day enjoying the sunshine, but the weather had taken a cooler and slightly wetter turn. I was thrilled at first, this mumma is liking the cooler weather right about now. But when this cooler wet weather turned to mini tornados, flooding, crazy winds and just plain scary weather that stretched from the far North of Queensland down into the New South Wales border, I wasn't feeling the love.
The only good thing that came out of the bad weather was the lack of plans. Which meant the in-laws offered to watch the kids for us while we went out! We had gone to their place and all I had on was my yoga pants and one of Todd's Australia singlets, that was me getting into the spirit of the day. And I'd only packed my beach pants and a couple of beach tops. None of which were at all suitable for our last date before Baby C joins the party.
Lucky for me Todd being the sweetheart that he is, took me over to Target to pick up something to wear. I got a pair of pants and the cutest striped pink and white tee. They were soft and stretchy and super super comfy. And I felt good wearing them.

We walked in the rain which was only light both ways, luckily. We went for hot chocolates and went to the movies. We saw This Is 40. I had a wonderful night. It felt so good being out just us, walking together hand in hand and snuggling up in the cinema. My kind of date night.
He also helped me tick off another item on my list.
Yep, he painted my toe nails. He even had the patience to remove the glitter polish leftover from Christmas. Removing glitter polish without a complaint, it must be love.


Kate Sparkles said...

Oh my goodness.. You found a man who is not only happy to paint your toenails but also doesn't totally suck at it?!? That is nothing shy of a miracle. Glad you two had such a great date!

Ashley said...

Yeah, glad you got your date night!! Also, glad he treated you to a new outfit and painted your nails. What a great guy!

Martina said...

You are wearing Pregnancy well & I'm glad you all were able to go out. There's is nothing like quality time without the kids... Its like you're dating all over again! I am visiting from the hop... New Follower:-)

Katie said...

what a great husband! and that shirt is so cute!

kacie @ mama case said...

my midwife said that as soon as a mom gets her toes painted that the baby is coming soon!

new follower from hop!