Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Last Few Days...

Well they have been busy. More that I have been keeping myself busy. Partly to stop myself from constantly counting down till Baby C's arrival and partly to distract myself from the crazy weather I mentioned the other day. Now it is Tuesday night, and I realise just how fast this last week has gone.
Since heading back to the doctor, dietician and diabetes specialist last Thursday I still don't really have any clear cut answers or direction for what next regarding my GD. I am becoming a pro at keeping my levels stable, so sick of all the prick marks in my fingers though. I have another scan tomorrow to see how big this little man is getting and then we will go from there. They keeping referring back to the fact that I don't look big and my bump isn't measuring way over. I keep telling them that's just the way I carry and seriously looks can be so decieving. They also said to me that since I have done it twice before clearly my body is fine with birthing big babes. What?! So obvious that they haven't done it themselves or they wouldn't have those words crossing their lips. The doctor even used the fact that I hadn't had an epidural to back up the statement. To say I was stunned was an understatement. I am so looking forward to seeing this little man on the scan tomorrow though.
I have gotten more done for Baby C this last week too. I have almost finished his playmat and picked up all those last minute supplies that I kept forgetting. Only a couple more things to finish and his nursery will be done. It is coming together really well and I find myself wandering in there to sit a while when I am starting to feel yuck and huge and over being pregnant. It makes me appreciate every moment even more and makes me so excited at the thought of meeting him in just a few short weeks.
I finally got everything organised and ready for the start of the school year before Mia headed back today. I labelled all those fun school things, they need so much stuff these days. I still get a kick out of writing her name on everything. No idea why, but it's just so precious seeing her sweet name written on school supplies! And yesterday I baked, baked and baked. Blueberry muffins, banana bread and cinnamon scrolls. Loads of yummy goodies for the school lunchbox. I just wanted to bake and cook and organise yesterday. I think that the nesting has well and truly kicked in now.
Mia was off school for almost 7 weeks and wow those school holidays went by way too fast for me. It's crazy but I missed her so much today. She is my little sidekick, my helper, my constant companion. I was so sad not having her around. She had such a great day though, loves her new teacher, loves her class and was beyond thrilled that her little BFF was in her class. such sweetness. But I can't for the life of me wrap my head around her being in Grade 2.
Stop growing up my baby girl.

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