Friday, March 15, 2013


Life has flown by these last couple of weeks. Crazy fast. This coming Sunday means Connor is two weeks old. How is this even possible? I just want to press pause and hold on to all of these precious newborn moments. I am loving them and trying like crazy to make them last this time around.

This sweet little guy has just fitted right in to our family and he has full blown celebrity status. Mia and Ryan can't get enough of him. And neither can we.

We are slowly but surely getting into some kind of routine, with two big kids going to school and preschool, not to mention activities  you have to be organised. Luckily Todd was able to take leave which has been a huge help. He's been doing the school/preschool run, making their lunches, getting them organised. The last few days I have slowly been doing some of the morning organising though, he only has a week left then I am going to need to be doing in on my own anyway. I did the school pick up yesterday, which meant I actually got dressed. Mia made it worth my while by telling me I looked really pretty. Bless that girl.

When Todd goes back, that's when the real challenge will begin! But I am being easy on myself. Some of the housework is being ignored, more often than not I am behind in the laundry, meals have been a bit last minute, and I am as vague as can be. But I don't care, the kids are all happy and taken care of, and I am just trying to soak up as much precious family time in these early days as I possibly can. Those things can wait, my babies can't.

I am trying to keep blogging and up to date, but in all honesty I don't want to drag myself away from Connor when he is awake. And when he is sleeping I want to love on Todd, Mia and Ryan as much as I can. Oh and catch up on sleep.

Please be patient with me and in the mean time here is another picture of my baby love.

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Jade Steckly said...

He is so adorable!! I remember writing posts almost exactly like this when my fourth, Danica was born 2 years ago. I wrote how I was holding her as much as possible and trying to enjoy every minute. I'm glad I did too, because now it seems like that time was so short lived!! I love this post :)